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The CEO’s Greetings

The CEO’s Greetings

My skills and expertise as a psychologist are based on an internationally recognised university degree and on a diverse work experience. I have gained valuable experience and vision to work with people while getting to know different people from different cultures during my travels, and while working with university students and young professionals as a private provider of accommodation services for over a decade.

I find it important to be a genuine and an easily approachable person for the customer even during the difficult moments in life, as a trustworthy professional. As an entrepreneur, I aim to provide high quality services that fit each customer’s individual needs. 

In the relationship with the customer, respect for the customer’s worldview and life situation, confidentialityand complying with the psychologist’s professional ethics is emphasised. The customer in Alatar receives services that follow the health care professional’s ethics and obligations. 

I have been interested in psychology, human mind and different cultures ever since my youth. Apart from this field of work, things that are important for me are nature, animals and traveling. Psychology has always been a strong subject of interest for me, and I love it from the bottom of my heart. 

I want to provide my customers the knowledge, skills and expertise of mental health that I have gained during my studies, work and spare time, and how to assist your mental health, meeting different hardships in life and setting and achieving different goals. My ways of working are deeply based on solution-focused, resource based and positive psychology.

As the CEO, I constantly develop more varied selection of services, where the customer can find themselves the best sort of service. Alatar’s mission is to research and develop digital psychology services for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.  

We warmly welcome you to use Alatar’s services!