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Terms of Use and Service

Terms of Use and Service

Terms of Use


By using the website hosted by Alatar Inc., its online services, other services and products provided by Alatar Inc., the user (the client) agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below and agrees that the customer’s personal data will be processed in accordance with the company’s Privacy Policy. Alatar Inc.’s services may include, in addition to these general terms and conditions, the specific terms and conditions that the customer undertakes to comply with when using such services. The specific terms and conditions for individual services are mentioned in the service descriptions of the services in question. 


Alatar Inc. reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, and for any reason to change the content, appearance, availability, terms of use and its services or other features of the site, and to discontinue their maintenance. Alatar Inc. also has the right to suspend the provision of the service during the upgrade and maintenance operations. 

Alatar Inc. owns the property rights of Alatar Inc.’s web pages in accordance with copyright law. Alatar reserves all rights to its services not expressly granted herein. Legal name Alatar Oy, parallel company name Alatar Inc., auxiliary company names  Alatar Psychological Services and Alatar Apartments, and Alatar’s logo are the property and symbols of Alatar Inc. The Alatar logo may not be used in other contexts without Alatar’s written consent.

The use of press releases, contract terms, price lists and other publicly available documents for public communication is allowed with condition that the source of the information is mentioned when it is used. 


Alatar is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use or inability to use of these pages. Alatar does not warrant that the website would function without any technical issues or interruptions. Alatar does not correspond to any third party material linked to this site. The user is obliged to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of thirds parties and other terms and conditions published on such websites. 

Applicable law 

Finnish law and the law and regulations on private health care apply to these terms and to any disputes arising from the website of Alatar Inc. or its content.

Possible disagreements are instructed to be negotiated with the service provider. Alatar has an impartial patient ombudsman at their disposal to assist in disagreement negotiations. If the customer and the service provider can’t come to a mutual understanding even with the assistance of the patient ombudsman, the customer may contact the Consumer Disputes Board, which will instruct the consumer to make a written complaint  if necessary. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the resolution of the Consumer Disputes Board, they can take the matter to the District Court of Helsinki. 

Terms of Service 

Appointment at the customer’s desired location 

The customer can book an appointment to a place other than Alatar’s locations, such as the customer’s own home or office, a cafe or nature as examples. In addition to the payment for the appointment, off-site appointment will be charged as kilometer compensation as follows: 

  • 1km from Alatar’s location: no additional fee. 
  • Over 1km from Alatar’s location: cost of departure 10€, extra kilometers for every starting kilometer 0.43€ / km. 

    Discount groups 

    Unemployed’s discount is eligible for those who receive unemployment benefit, including part-time work. To prove unemployment, we accept a print from the customer’s own profile in TE-palvelut or Kela’s latest unemployment benefit decision. 

    Pensioner’s discount is granted to a customer who is entitled to a pension according to Kela or the Employment Pension Act. To prove pension, we accept the Kela’s National Pensioner Card or a written certificate, as well as the Occupational Pension Card and the Pension Decision issued by the Employment Pension Company. For a person over 65 years of age, an official identity card, i.e. an identity card issued by a police officer, a passport, a driving license or a Kela card is enough. 

    Student discount is granted for clients who attend full-time at a university, a vocational school, university of applied sciences, high school or a primary school. Student discount is not eligible for those who attend personnel training, apprenticeship or employment training. We accept the student card’s current academic year sticker or other equivalent institution’s attendance certificate to show us that you are eligible for student discount. 

    A civil servant or military servant is eligible for a civil servant discount by showing a civil service certificate or a conscript card. 

    Canceling the appointment 

    You can cancel the appointment by sending a text message or an email to us with the following information: 

    • “I’m canceling my appointment” 
    • Canceled appointment’s date and time of clock. 
    • Full name (first and last name) 

    After sending the appointment cancellation message, you will receive a confirmation message via phone or email. 

    Date of cancellation 

    Canceling the appointment is free of charge by 18:00 the previous day. Canceling the appointment at the same day by 12:00, we charge you 50% of the reservation price. Canceling the appointment on the same day after 12:00 or if you do not arrive at all, we will charge the full amount of the reservation. Transferring the appointment to another date, for example in case of illness, is free of charge if the request is made within the same day when the original time would have been. If the new transferred time is canceled or the customer doesn’t show up at all, we will charge the entire price of the reservation with an invoice. 


    Arriving to booked appointment requires you to be there in time, no later than 15 minutes from the start of the appointment. If you show up late, you need to inform us about it by calling us or sending a text message to number+358 40 699 8004. Alatar does not guarantee access to the appointment for more than 15 minutes late from the scheduled start time. If the client shows up late more than 15 minutes from the start of the time reservation without informing and does not transfer the time slot to another time, Alatar Inc. reserves the right to process the time reservation such as the client had not showed up at all and will charge the full price with an invoice.

    Invoice payment difficulties 

    If you encounter invoice payment issues, you must contact us before the due date and discuss a payment plan. Payment processing goes for collecting agency Colecta Perintä if the payment has not been transferred to the Alatar bank account 7 days after the due date.  

    Payment service provider

    Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) is the payment service provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Plc appears as a payee on a bank statement or card invoice and passes it on to the merchant. Paytrail Plc has a payment institution license. In case of any problems and complaints related to payment transfer, please contact your payment service provider first.

    Paytrail Plc, Business ID: 2122839-7

    Innova 2
    Lutakonaukio 7
    40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

    Phone: 020 718 1830