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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy provides information on the processing and personal rights of the private customer of Alatar Psychology Services. 

Register’s name

Alatar Psychology Services Client Register 

Register Holder

Alatar Psychology Services

Maaherrankatu 24 B 8, 28100 Pori, Finland

Data Protection Officer

Elisa Wargelin

Head of Health Services 

Maaherrankatu 24 B 8, 28100 Pori, Finland

1. Overall

Alatar Psychology Services collects client’s identity and client information within contact, while using the services and from information recorded by the service provider.

Client’s identity and client information is collected, processed and stored for the purpose of arranging and guaranteeing the quality of the health care services and fulfilling the legal obligations. The company is committed to respect the confidentiality of the relationship with the client and their privacy, and the secrecy of the information it processes under the Private Health and Public Disclosure Act and the EU Data Protection Regulation. The client’s confidential information includes health information and documents related to mental or physical health states and they must not be shared to anyone else but the health care provider. Information may not be given to relatives, guardian of a minor or any other legal representative without the client’s written consent. Exceptions are certain situations that are specifically defined by law.

Alatar Psychology Services’ Privacy Policy contains information about the identity and client information collected from the client, how they are handled by the company, the essential content of the law that has been followed and information about the rights and influencing possibilities of the client regarding their own information.

By providing Alatar Psychology Services with identity and client information when making contact or using the website, and by ordering and using the Company’s services, the client accepts the collection, processing and storage of their data for the purposes specified and in the ways presented in the Privacy Policy. Alatar Inc. encourages the client to familiarize themselves with the content of the Privacy Policy carefully and regularly.

2. Reasons for processing personal data

The health care professional must write down the client information as required by The Act on the Status and Rights of the Patient to ensure the organization, plan, execution and the follow-up of the client’s care. Alatar Psychology Services handles the client’s personal and client information in accordance with the Private Health Act and the EU Data protection regulation at the client’s request and with the consent or otherwise with the following legal grounds and defined uses: 


  • Creating and updating customer information
  • Customer identification and identity verification
  • Creating and updating customer information
  • Customer identification and identity verification
  • Communicating with the customer
  • Designing, implementing and monitoring a service ordered by a private customer or company
  • Communication with private individuals, companies or subscribers or a private relationship with a private person, company or subscriber of a service, in accordance with the provisions of the Private Health Act (Chapter 4)
  • Billing and company accounting
  • Feedback processing
  • Reporting your business activity when required by a competent authority or co-operation organization to comply with the formal contractual obligations of your business
  • Reporting of the business activity related to the Companies Act for internal filling of the company and requiring the competent authority to use statistical data on the company’s activities, implementation of the activity report
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations: responding to requests for clarification from the competent authority, co-operation with the authorities and handling of incidents occurring in customer relations
  • Design, statistics and development of services
  • Customer relationship management, service allocation and marketing

3. Personal information storage time

The storage of personal data of Alatar Psychology Services is in accordance with the Annex to the Regulation on Patient Documents of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Customer’s personal data, customer data summaries, and any psychologist’s statements are retained for 12 years from the date of the customer’s death or, if there is no information on the date of death, 120 years from the date of the customer’s birth. Customer records recorded during a customer relationship are maintained during the customer relationship and then destroyed securely. The results of the psychological tests will be retained for 12 years from the preparation of the test reports. 

4. Protection of personal data

Wide obligation of confidentiality and secrecy

Alatar Psychology Services’ health care service providers, employed persons, trainees, and other employees in the company’s private health care unit, as well as those employed by or on behalf of the company, are subject to wide obligation of confidentiality and secrecy. 

Anyone in the company who does not participate in the execution and maintenance of a customer’s service or related tasks does not have the right to access the Customer’s personal data or other information recorded in the Customer Relationship. Access to customer’s personal and customer information is protected by user specific user IDs and passwords. 

In a private health care unit, the privacy of a private health care service provider and other persons performing or working on its premises is governed by private health law. Employee’s of a private health care unit who carry out its duties and assignments, is in a position of trust or works on its premises, shall not be entitled to unauthorized or unlawful disclosure to a third party – be it family or anyone else – of what has been found out about the customer’s state of health, illness, disability, possible operations, personal or family secrets or other similar matters due to the employee’s status, duties or work. The obligation of professional secrecy is maintained after the occupation, employment, assignment or termination of work at the premises, ie when the person is no longer in a position to receive information on confidential matter. 

In essence, it is sufficient that the information has been obtained in circumstances such that they can be considered confidential, in order to establish obligation of confidentiality and secrecy. The duty of confidentiality applies to spoken information and confidential documents. 

Alatar Inc. makes written confidentiality agreements with its employees and other staff at its disposal in accordance with the Private Health Care Act and the EU data Protection Regulation. 

Violation of the obligation of confidentiality and secrecy will result in a penalty under the confidentiality agreement and Finnish law. 

Protection procedures for third parties and extradition of data outside the EU

Alatar Psychology Services protects its customers’ personal and customer information by, for example, security planning and risk management related to the organization and the implementation and maintenance of those services. Secure digital software, information systems and encryption technologies are used as technical safeguards for processing, transferring and storing digital data, properly monitoring communications, and maintaining equipment security. Access rights are granted deliberately and their use is monitored. Personnel dealing with personal data will be instructed and trained in personal data security handling. Physical records are stored in a locked archive cabinet, which in addition to the company’s management and security officer, is accessible only to the staff concerned. 

Customer’s personal information is processed within Alatar Psychology Services, and will not be disclosed to third parties, unless otherwise required by the lawful processing of personal data listed in Section 2 above, and in exceptional cases specified below. The online servers for  well-known software, which Alatar Psychology Services uses for it’s services, may be located outside the EU. Otherwise, the information will not be disclosed outside the EU. The company uses well-known and trusted collaborative networking platforms, software and applications that utilize secure encryption technology. The company acquires its online service product from the Finnish company Louhi. 

In accordance with the Act on the Processing of Customer Information in Social and Health Care, Alatar Psychology Services collects log information from every usage and transfer of the customer data to the log register to monitor it. The log information on the delivery of patient records to healthcare providers is stored. Digital customer documents are identified by tags to identify the original document. The copy must indicate that it is a copy of the original document. 

Exceptions to confidentiality

A healthcare professional or any other person working in the health care unit or performing duties of such unit, has a legal obligation to violate the confidentiality of the customer’s personal data and to comply with the reporting obligation to the authorities in the following exceptions: 

The administrative supervisor and the person in charge of protection of personal data in accordance with Alatar Psychology Services’ Privacy Policy is the CEO of the company, the Head of Health Services and the Data Protection Officer. 

5. Client's rights

The client of Alatar Psychology Services has the right, based on the Health Care Act, to inspect and obtain personal and client data recorded by the company and to correct any errors there may occur. The information must be provided only if the company has been able to verify the identity of the person requesting the information and ensure that the client understands the content of the information sufficiently. As an exception, a healthcare professional may refuse a client’s right to access certain client information if they have a valid and compelling reason to suspect that reading the data could pose a serious risk to the patient’s health or treatment or to someone else’s rights.

Access to information as a relevant party

The Act on the Status and Rights of the Patient determines the rights and obligations of the health service producer about communication of the client relationship with a minor client. If a minor is able to decide on their treatment because of their age and level of development, they have the right to deny their health and medical information from being given to their guardian or other legal representative. If the client is unable to assess the significance of the consent given, the information may be given with their legal representative’s written consent. In this case, the legal representative of the client can use the information request form of Alatar Inc. The same form may be used by authorities in situations where the breach of confidentiality is required by law.

Access to your own information

The client can access some of their personal and client data from My Account page. During an appointment, the person has the opportunity to go through data about themselves with the psychologist. The request for data retrieval during the appointment must be made in advance. The time it takes to go through the data is free of charge for the client at the time of the appointment, when the request is presented in advance and extra time is reserved for it.

Changing your own information

If desired, the client can make a written request for inspection of personal and client information to the company. The request is primarily made with Alatar Inc.’s inspection request form, which must be submitted to the company with a signed and dated e-mail attachment or letter. The transfer of information is registered in the client data. If the client sees that the information concerning them is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate, they may request the Data Protection Officer to correct the data using the Alatar Psychology Services’ claim for correction form. The health care professional has no legal right to change the information and evaluations considered valid at the time of registration.

Cancellation of data processing consent

The client has the right to cancel their data processing consent made in the Client Relationship in written form, primarily using the Consent Cancellation form of Alatar Psychology Services. By canceling their consent, the client may not revoke the statutory obligations and rights to the processing and retention of personal and client information in accordance with the privacy policy of the private health care unit.

Marketing restriction

The Client has the right to prohibit the use of their personal and client data for marketing purposes received from Alatar Psychology Services. The company complies with the legal obligations of confidentiality of personal and client information specified in the Privacy Statement. If a client denies the use of their personal and client information for marketing purposes, the company cannot provide or inform the client of the benefits and offers of its services. The marketing restriction request can be sent by email: asiakastuki@alatar.fi.

Making a reminder

In the Act on the Status and Rights of the Patient, Section 10 of Chapter 3 defines that a client, who is dissatisfied their health care or treatment regarding it in a health care unit, has the right to make a reminder directly to the health care unit in question. The reminder will be addressed to the Health Services Executive at the Health Care Unit. If the client is unable to make a reminder for himself due to illness, mental disability, or if he or she is dead, the reminder may be made by his or her legal representative, family member or other relative. The health care unit must inform its client about the right to reminder and arrange for a reminder to be made simply enough for them. A reminder should be made primarily in written form. A reminder can also be made orally for a specific reason. The health care unit must process the reminder properly and receive a written response within a reasonable time to make the reminder. The answer must be justified by the quality of the case. In Alatar Psychology Services, a reminder can be made using a reminder form. The reminders are addressed to Elisa Wargelin, the Executive Director of Health Services.

Dissatisfaction with client data processing

In situations where the client is not satisfied with the response to their reminder, or that there is a violation of the privacy statement in the processing of their client information, the client is primarily instructed to negotiate with the service provider. The client has the opportunity to request a patient ombudsman as an impartial mediator with the service provider in unresolved situations. The Patient Ombudsman can be contacted primarily via the contact form, by email: autamme@potilasasiamies.fi or by phone: 044 559 7777 

In disputes where solution cannot be obtained by negotiating with a service provider or patient ombudsman, the client may contact The Consumer Advice by telephone at 029 553 6901 on weekdays from 9 to 15. If necessary, the Consumer Advice will instruct you to apply for a written solution from the Consumer Disputes Board.

A client dissatisfied with the Consumer Disputes Board’s decision may complain to Valvira. health care supervisor. Instructions for making a complaint are available from the service that provided the service.

The Helsinki District Court resolves in other ways the unresolved disputes.

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7. Updating of the Privacy Policy

Alatar Psychology Services reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy when its activities or legislation change. Any changes will take effect as of the date of the update of the Privacy Policy, from which the client will be deemed to have received a public notice. 

Referenced laws in the Privacy Policy